NH Farmers and The Benefit of Legalized Cannabis

New Hampshire family farms are quickly disappearing along with jobs, history and traditions that everyone has enjoyed for countless generations.

Also, all towns and cities are trying to preserve and conserve all open space for the aesthetic and recreational possibilities for all citizens. Farm’s make up a significant part of all open space. Unfortunately, 2 problems exist that are leading to the demise of many New Hampshire Farms. They are:

1. Small farms were once financially viable for the production of agricultural products.

Farms were successful enterprises that employed many people for many generations.  Unfortunately, market forces have changed making small farms far from the money making successful business’s they once were.

2. The population in New Hampshire continues to grow as people move here for our wholesome lifestyle and country living.

This drives up demand and the price of land as more people need land to build homes. Unfortunately, our  farmland contains much of the sub-dividable land left in much of our state. The temptation for owner’s of farm properties that contain large tracts of farm land to sub-divide and sell their farms has resulted in the loss of the many of our farms in New Hampshire. Also, as farms went out of business the future owners neglected unused barns and other farm buildings and many Historical Farm barns and buildings are now gone forever. Unfortunately, there is no incentive for property owners to spend large sums of money to maintain large unused empty barns and farm buildings. Worse yet is most zoning prohibits most commercial uses beyond the agricultural uses that are not economically viable anymore-which is now why they are empty in the first place.

Cannabis acts as an outlet for farmers to grow, sell and distribute cannabis year round and give farm owners the ability to create revenue for themselves.

With the tides shifting in favor of cannabis, New Hampshire has the potential to be back on track with respect to our beloved farmers.

The New Hampshire Cannabis Freedom Festival is an outlet for those who wish to utilize cannabis in order to grow an industry, employ residents, and save our farms from becoming subdivided.

We have also teamed up with NH Cannafarm in order to create a community of farmers and supporters for cannabis legalization.

A ticket for the New Hampshire Cannabis Festival is a ticket to show your ongoing support for effective legalization methods in the Granite State.

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