NH Passed Cannabis Decriminalization = Now What?

New Hampshire has finally joined the rest of New England in cannabis decriminalization.

Now, some might think it has been too long for too little, but its a healthy endeavor in order for us to get the most out of legalization.

While large amounts of cannabis are still illegal, recreational users only have to face a fine. No longer will citizens face  a year in jail. That lessens the burden on New Hampshire cannabis users.

More specifically, this helps lessen issues with young adults who choose to enjoy cannabis.

According to a study from DHHS, the largest demographic of cannabis users fall within 18-25 years of age. Arrest rates coincided with those demographics as many young adults had to pay up for lawyers, court fees and community service, but not any more.

College students across the state dealt with harsh penalties that would often leave them with a criminal record, thus impacting future employment.   With decriminalization, they are safer now, than years past.

With decriminalization now in action in New Hampshire, this gives the state time to sit and establish an optimized approach for the potential industry. With Massachusetts now in talks for raising cannabis tax up to 56%, we can observe how other states interact. We can learn what (and what not) to do in order to establish a flourishing cannabis industry.

One major issue that New Hampshire faces, is the prominent threat of monopoly by The New Hampshire State Liquor Commission who have filed for exclusive access to grow and distribute cannabis.

Fortunately, NHcannafarm.org has filed for farmers or individuals who own farmland to grow, regulate and run their own small businesses.

With the current state of decriminalization, the outcomes are more positive for New Hampshirites. The battle for citizens personal records has been won. That leaves the war (or anti-war) on cannabis finally to the stage of full legalization.

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