How Can Cannabis Save NH Farmers

Cannabis is a billion dollar industry that will help to grow New Hampshire

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For generations New Hampshire farms have waited for a new product to grow that can resurrect New Hampshire farms to their former glory and again employ thousand’s of New Hampshire citizens. That product is here but it is not what anyone could have imagined or expected.

Welcome to the cannabis (and up and coming Hemp) Revolution. As you are probably aware, New Hampshire has legalized Cannabis for Medical Patients and has licensed 4 Cultivation Grows in commercial buildings around NH. NH DHHS is overseeing the program. Political interests never considered the fact that Cannabis is a plant and should have been grown on farms and overseen by the Department of Agriculture.  In the meantime, Massachusetts and Maine have legalized cannabis for recreational consumption and Vermont is soon to follow. The Economic Impact and size of the market and tax base for those neighboring States is almost incalculable.

New Hampshire will legalize Cannabis since they surely cannot ignore a new taxable product that will raise countless millions in tax revenue for the State of New Hampshire. It will be a dream new tax base for our Legislature to gleefully spend. Proceeds will dwarf amounts raised from most other avenues the State can tax. The newly passed Cannabis Decriminalization Bill is on its way for our Governor to sign. Legalization like all our neighboring states, will soon ensue. New Hampshire Farmers must be prepared.

The New Hampshire Cannabis Freedom Festival is the accumulation of all New Hampshirites showing their support for legalization. With over 30 awesome bands, this festival is the premier spot for all activists looking to make a change for the Granite State.

Please show your support for legalization and purchase your tickets!

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