What It’s Like Living In New Hampshire When Cannabis Has Been Legalized in Maine and Massachusetts

New Hampshire is sandwiched between Maine and Massachusetts – two states that have legalized Cannabis.

I live in Newington, New Hampshire. Directly to the north is the Piscataqua River. That river separates where I live from a state that has passed full Cannabis legalization. I can stand on my porch and stick my hand out. The extra 2 feet makes a legitimate difference.

New Hampshire Cannabis Maine-New Hampshire
“A stones’ throw away” doesn’t justify it.

New Hampshire has 16 miles of pristine coastline (17 if you include Hampton Beach). That small distance is what separates Maine from another legalized state – Massachusetts.

Maine to Massachusetts Cannabis
Can you understand my frustration?

To give you another perspective, that blue line in the above image is Interstate 95. Due to the increase in cannabis production in the neighboring states, this strip of road is a focal point for police when looking for potential targets.

Where cannabis is legal in the neighboring states, I as well as many other New Hampshire citizens are still a victim of New Hampshire laws which could land a citizen in jail for up to one year or face a $2,000-dollar fine.

It appears we are behind the times.

The strains of cannabis enforcement are felt strongly throughout the state.  With the majority of cannabis arrests targeting the 18-24 age bracket, many are left questioning which is more dangerous, cannabis or the state?

This isn’t to say that efforts in the New Hampshire cannabis movement haven’t been without notice. The Granite State has one of the most devoted and tight-knit cannabis activists who are eager to help promote the cause anyway they can.

With a laundry list of state representatives who support New Hampshire cannabis legalization, a medical cannabis program, and surrounding states making it harder for enforcement, New Hampshire is on the right track for legalization.

State reps Cannabis State House
Left to right:
Justin Campagnone, Rich Paul, Glen Aldrich, Rick Naya, Erica Golter, Joseph Lachance

With the community coming together for the New Hampshire Cannabis Freedom Festival, the struggle does not seem to be as long as some had predicted.

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